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Photo Album - 2004 in pictures


Steffi May heads for a cross country bronze
Lauren Brennan takes Schools XC Gold at Fazakerley
Rhea Ellis prepares for the Northerns where she took bronze
Sue Cooper represents Merseyside Andrew Gibson at AAAs Indoors Stephanie James, a Sportshall Athletics winner
Michael Evans in Sportshall Athletics Mike Morgan and Richard Cary in Good Friday 4 Miles Rhea Ellis collects her Mid Lancs XC Gold
George Scally leads Patrick Vis in the YAL
Stylish hurdler Lydia Hurley
SWAC Snr Ladies at Liverpool Women's 10K
The 'Brian Aughton' Trophy is returned to Southport
Charlene hands over to Jade in YAL
Girls YAL team manager gets his just deserts
Ciaran Brennan represents Merseyside in 400m
Celia Whelan at Burnley cross country
Tom Vandermeer at cross country relays
Jack Salt receives Distinguished Service Award
Rob Berry at Beacon Park
Paul Record, boys team captian and performance trophy winner