Sefton Festival of Sport 2002

1 Mile Races for Schools

Victoria Park, Southport 21 May 2002


Team Positions 1st Sacred Heart
  2nd Chesterfield
  3rd Stanley


  Individual Results
Pos'n Name No School Time
1David Teese427Sacred Heart5:41
2Martin Smeaton438Chesterfield High5:48
3Gerard Wilson426Sacred Heart6:00
4Andrew Walker421Stanley High6:01
5Michael Evans410Ainsdale High6:02
6Jack Burke441Chesterfield High6:13
7Lung Sing436Deyes High6:14
8Michael Smith429Sacred Heart6:15
9Dennis Brice412Ainsdale High6:22
10Joshua Daly431Sacred Heart6:24
11Kieran Brennan430Sacred Heart6:24
12Mark Fishwick414Stanley High6:27
13 Jonathan Ratcliffe 454Christ the King6:31
14Andrew Deacon420Stanley High6:33
15Alexander Roche444Chesterfield High6:38
16M Singleton456Holy Family6:42
17Robert Berry449Chesterfield High6:43
18R Grant455Holy Family6:43
19Matthew Blakeley411Ainsdale High6:44
20K Sloane462Holy Family6:50
21Ashley Michael437Deyes High6:50
22L Doherty463Holy Family6:51
23Michael Van424Stanley High6:53
24Robert Marley447Chesterfield High6:55
25Ricky Etherington442Chesterfield High6:57
26John Swarbrick423Stanley High6:58
27P Dunning461Holy Family6:58
28B Titherington453Deyes High7:03
29Maxwell Rabaca417Stanley High7:06
30Chris Stead422Stanley High7:07
31J Turner460Holy Family7:09
32Michael Rice425Stanley High7:11
33J Hormby452Deyes High7:12
34C Dinwoodie458Holy Family7:12
35Calum Pinder404Kingswood College7:14
36Andrew Taylor433Deyes High7:15
37A Perrett459Holy Family7:15
38Sam Woodhay407Ainsdale High7:16
39Liam Richardson443Chesterfield High7:16
40Adam Evans446Chesterfield High7:18
41Lee Palmer409Ainsdale High7:21
42D Sedgwick464Holy Family7:22
43Louis Nolan405Kingswood College7:27
44Liam Studdart432Deyes High7:32
45Alex Moorcroft451Chesterfield High7:33
46Luke Welsh448Chesterfield High7:36
47Ashley Carlin434Deyes High7:52
48Sam Perry402Kingswood College7:53
49Danny Burgin406Ainsdale High8:41
50Ryan Turner435Deyes High8:48
51Daniel Verlander439Chesterfield High9:39
52Daniel Brownbill440Chesterfield High9:46
53Craig Sharman445Chesterfield High9:46