1 Mile Races for Schools

Victoria Park, Southport, 16th May 2007


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Team Positions 1st Shoreside
  2nd St Mary's Prep
  3rd Pinfold / Bickerstaffe


  Individual Results

Pos'n No Name School Time
1388Sally WareingShoreside6.03
2389Lauren ClarehughShoreside6.35
3394Sophie HaleSt Philips6.56
4680Portia Taylor-BlackPinfold/Bickerstaffe7.04
5513Gemma MorganSt Mary's Prep7.04
6 518 Eva Halpin St Mary's Prep7.08
7395Fiona CaryWoodlands7.10
8512Lucy MarraySt Mary's Prep7.18
9682Kaitlhan VernsPinfold/Bickerstaffe7.19
10517Ella DaviesSt Mary's Prep7.31
11391Aysha AllenBirkdale Primary7.37
12387Kirsten WillisShoreside7.38
13652Olivia SmithLarkfield7.39
14386Nycolie DonouegherShoreside7.42
15683Georgina O'SilvaPinfold/Bickerstaffe7.43
16514Aliesha MorleySt Mary's Prep7.44
17511Bethan JamesSt Mary's Prep7.44
18396Jessica HillNorwood7.47
19630Francesca McGeeLarkfield7.49
20597Alex HeaneySt William of York8.04
21515Olivia RathSt Mary's Prep8.07
22679Nicole WilsonPinfold/Bickerstaffe8.08
23629Baylie MoffattLarkfield8.12
24516Courtney UnsworthSt Mary's Prep8.13
25575Katie ArmstrongSt Lukes Formby8.17
26-Unkown RunnerSt Lukes Formby8.18
27681Elisha DoylePinfold/Bickerstaffe8.25
28651Nicola LilleyLarkfield8.26
29599Lucy StewartSt William of York8.31
30-Unkown RunnerChurchtown8.35
31654Bethany ByronSt Johns Crossens8.38
32390Emilia LawlessShoreside8.42
33393Niamh GaviganSt Jeromes8.58
34524Katie SargentSt Lukes Formby9.03
35594Victoria BatemanChurchtown9.28
36591Antonia BarrettChurchtown9.30
37593Olivia BoylamChurchtown9.32
38521Emily KenyonSt Philips9.34
39522Mary OwenSt Philips9.37
40579Katie ChapmanFreshfield C P9.40
41520Kim ZhouSt Philips9.43
42577Ellie TurnerSt Lukes Formby10.35
43525Lucy BarkerSt Lukes Formby10.44
44677Chloe BatesBirkdale Primary11.12
45676Sophie LatteBirkdale Primary11.13
46-Unkown RunnerFreshfield C P11.14
47392Emma DoyleSt Jeromes11.17
48656Amina CoreSt Johns Crossens12.33
49655Naomi MarshallSt Johns Crossens12.33
50653Katie CheethamSt Johns Crossens12.43